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Canned Answers are answers which are pre defined and some times work and don’t work in Interviews.This article gives Interview Tips on how to use these Canned Answers in Interviews.

In this article you will be knowing about what Canned Answers really are. Ready made answers for some important “definitely asked questions’ are called ‘canned Answers‘.

They are similar to canned foods. If a guest asks for food, you need not prepare it. Just open the can, and serve. For most questions, Worst is a one word answer, bad is one sentence while the best is a 2 to 4 line answer that is well structured organized and balanced, with a smile, in a natural tone.

Think on your feet. Having canned answers is advisable and advantageous. But at the same time, the answer should not sound artificial or mugged up. Rehearse your canned answers word to word. Rehearse your answers frequently in canteens and in rest room and during evening walks, then they will come naturally in interviews.


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