Five Big Pitfalls during Interview

Facing an interview is the first step in securing a good job in any sector whether government jobs or banking jobs or software job. This article describes about five pitfalls that people generally do when giving an interview.

One of the best things that give a first impression to Interviewer is your dress. Don’t wear a dress that dominates you. You dress should be simple and show case your personality. some of the best examples of dress to wear in Interviews are given below:

dress to wear in Interviews

Best Interview Dress

Women Attire in Interviews

Women Attire in Interviews

Poor Handshake:
The first handshake that starts the beginning of your interview is the right opportunity to create a good impression. An ineffective handshake can make all your efforts blown away. Once you have a poor handshake, it is almost impossible to build a rapport during the interview.
Some Examples of Poor Handshake are Shivering fingers which show lack of ability to engage, arm pump which creates doubt in sincerity and show casts you as an aggressive person etc.

Handshake in Interviews

Handshake in Interviews

Talking negatively about current or past managers:
Don’t ever show disrespect regarding your current or past managers. A small complaint on your previous manager may make the new manager feel that you may trash him or her at any point of time. Prepare yourself to answer creatively about your previous employers so that you can give a good experience in the past.

Less or No Eye contact:
Many people feel shy or fear to develop an eye contact with the interviewer. Avoiding eye contact creates a wrong impression in the mind of the interviewer. Interviewer may think you as untruthful or disinterested if you fail to maintain eye contact. So prepare yourself in speaking with good eye contact before attending the interview which helps you in the course of the interview.

Lack of Communication Skills:

It’s almost impossible to get through the interview if you can’t communicate effectively with an interviewer. You can change that situation easily by mirroring the way the interviewer treats you.
For instance, if the interviewer is taking all about the business and company, don’t attempt to loosen him or her up with a joke or story.
Identify the interests of interviewer when he or she is talking personally. Generally you can get to know about his interests easily through his talking and approach towards particular subject.
Don’t hesitate to give direct answers to questions which you know. If you want to provide more information, you can follow up after what he was expecting for the answer.

Listen to interviewer and never obstruct him or her while talking. This improves our chances of getting through the interview very easily.


Veena N is HR professional and lifestyle blogger from India. She writes on Job Tips, Career Building Tips, Job sites information and information related to part time jobs in web.

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