“Why did you left your previous job or company?”Answer

Most of the employees feel difficulty in answering questions like “why did you left your previous job” or “why did you left your previous company” etc., and here i am providing a few tips to overcome this question in the interview and impress the recruiter First of all  before reading this you need to know

Crack the Interview in Aricent Group

Aricent Group formerly called Aricent Technologies is one of the top Telecom Jobs provider in India. With branches in Gurgaon, Bangalore and chennai in Inida and also in Vietnam, USA and other top countries, Aricent Group has providing opportunities to get into top telecom technologies that are ruling the world. In this article, We cover

Top 10 tips to build communication skills

Most of them say that one can build communication skills through attending seminars, radio programs, programs dedicated to public speaking, ordinary conversations but it is true to some extent but still certain rules apply when it comes to interaction through words.     So here are the Top 10 tips to became an effective communicator: 1.

50 Frequently Asked Interview Questions in Any Interview

Getting yourself prepared to an Interview Makes your work half done for getting a job. The other half depends on how effectively you project yourself and how confidence you are in the interview. Lets see the 50 Frequently Asked Interview Questions that are most basic and asked in Banking, Technical and other Interviews. 1 Tell