Top 10 tips to build communication skills

Most of them say that one can build communication skills through attending seminars, radio programs, programs dedicated to public speaking, ordinary conversations but it is true to some extent but still certain rules apply when it comes to interaction through words.     So here are the Top 10 tips to became an effective communicator: 1.

Top 10 salary negotiation tips for job seekers

Salary Negotiation is one of the important part of an interview process. Achieve the Job Offer You deserve by planning properly these 10 salary negotiation tips.  Whether you’re new to job-hunting or a seasoned pro, whether you love the art of salary negotiation or dread it, the truth is that knowing salary negotiation tactics and

Five Big Pitfalls during Interview

Facing an interview is the first step in securing a good job in any sector whether government jobs or banking jobs or software job. This article describes about five pitfalls that people generally do when giving an interview. Dress: One of the best things that give a first impression to Interviewer is your dress. Don’t

Interview Tips Canned Answers

Canned Answers are answers which are pre defined and some times work and don’t work in Interviews.This article gives Interview Tips on how to use these Canned Answers in Interviews. In this article you will be knowing about what Canned Answers really are. Ready made answers for some important “definitely asked questions’ are called ‘canned