How to get a free website or blog

I remember my old days when i was new to the Internet how is find myself strange to this world. I dont even know how to open the mail and how to browse through the net. Then I developed myself thanks to my friends who has helped me in developing.
It is very difficult to anyone new to internet how to get a free website or blog when they want to start blogging or start creation of website.I just want to give them the information. Most of the users will have a gmail account or yahoo account.
With these accounts you can open a blog or create your own website.

Here are the steps.

1.Login into or
2.Create your blog. Here select a nice site name first only because it is very difficult to change again.
3.Once you have created your blog and start blogging, then you can buy domain on your own. They are very good sites like which sell websites at a very cheap rate. But start blogging first , share views and improve your blog.
4. once you started blogging, there are some tips i can share with all which will be available in my sites home pages
Special Review Articles , Jobs For Everyone, Earning from Blog. we can get the information from my sites to improve your blog.
5. Once blogging is started you can get every information about the blogging tips and tricks from my sites.

Hope this article will help some one who are looking for it.
If you want to share comment or any doubt , share your comment along with site name and mail id(optional)


Veena N is HR professional and lifestyle blogger from India. She writes on Job Tips, Career Building Tips, Job sites information and information related to part time jobs in web.

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