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Article Writing Jobs are one of the best work from home Jobs in Web. There are some Top Article Writing Jobs sites that are been used by Freelancers and Work from home Moms to earn money online from Web. Factoidz is one such website that provides huge revenue for experienced writers and also one of the best Writing Jobs site for Part time job seekers.

How to Earn Money Online from Factoidz

When I planned to write this article about Factoidz, I just wanted to mention Factoidz as one of the best Writing Jobs site. I thought of writing this review one month back, but just to get the feel of this website, I joined this website one month back and earned 40$ from it from the first month.  Well I wrote only one article here for 20$ and since I am also an experienced Link Building Expert, I could manage some links by writing some Squidoo Lenses and participating in Link Building program of Factoidz.

Sorry, you don’t know how to make money online from factoidz. Well let me explain in small paragraphs how to start your Article Writing Jobs from Factoidz.

1. Getting Started with Factoidz:

Factoidz is one of the best Writing Jobs site that is ideal place for writers. If you have knowledge of Writing articles and  article reviews, Factoidz is the best place.

Factoidz is free to join: Factoidz Joining Link

2. Get Started Writing Reviews:

In Factoidz, you have dashboard, where you can know about the assignments and your factoids. Assignments are tasks which pay you from 5$ to 40$. These are reviews of websites and articles which are to be written. Generally these are reviews of products and websites in an informative manner. If you don’t have an idea of Product Review, here is an Example of perfect Review of AceReader Software. A sample example how dashboard looks like I have added below:

Writing Jobs from Factoidz

3. Contextual Back Links Assigments:

These Contextual Back Links Assignments are best ways to earn money online from Factoidz. Express caution while accepting these back link assignments as these links should be permanent wherever you want to place. It is best to add back links from Article Directories such as Squidoo where you write your own lenses. I did the same which earned me good money.

It’s upto you. If you have time to write articles,  earn money from link building as well. It is cool way to earn money.

4. Writing Factoidz:

Another way to earn money from Factoidz is by writing Factoidz which are articles which can be popular in future. You can also earn money from these Factoidz when someone rates your articles.

5. Buzz up with friends:

Make friends in Factoidz and get popularity for your Factoidz.

Factoidz pay via paypal and pays every month. Start using Factoidz and earn money online.

Factoidz Joining URL: Factoidz Joining Link

Overall, Factoidz is the best Article Writing Jobs site for Work from Home moms and Part Time Job Seekers.

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