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ViewbestAds is one of the best work from home jobs site that is providing good revenue for people who do part time jobs in Internet. ViewbestAds is one of the best PTC site in India which is paying. This is mentioned because there are thousands of spam sites which doesn’t pay a penny in Internet. so it is important to mention about PTC sites that are not spam. So people who are thinking viewbestads Legit or spam, still it is a legit site and paying well.

How ViewBestAds is one of the best work from Home Jobs site

If you know about ViewbestAds previously and don’t have account, join with banner link below:

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Browsing Ads

ViewBestAds provides good money for browsing ads of advertisers. So it is named as PTC site. There are many sites which pay 0.0001$. Compared to them viewbestads is better.

Playing Quiz

People can play Quiz daily and get points. Points helps in increasing your monthly revenue.

Reading News

Reading News also helps in getting money. Surprised?? Dont get surprised. This site provides money for reading news in their web. News is really worthed. Not crap.

Playing Games

Play games and earn some points as well.


8 levels of referrals friends. This is one of the most important way to earn money. You get eight levels of referrals. Just refer people and earn money.


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  1. hemalathaOctober 15, 2010
    sit ,
    i have in viewbest ads account . still i’m earned only $0.43 poins . i’m long time free . so, any other way to increase money in my a/c. please help me.
    • adminOctober 16, 2010
      Hi hema, To earn form viewbestads, you should be active for atleast 20 day a day. Active in the sense, you should click all ads, play quiz and also view both the news articles. Then you can earn around 300 per month on your own and also from others



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