Top Resume Building Sites

Resume is very important and integral part of interview process. For every field, resume is important. Resume makes an first impression while interviewers select you for an interview. Resume Building is very important to get noticed by top companies in web and very much essential as many Jobs for freshers are based on good resume.

There are top resume building sites in web which help you to build well developed resume. Some of the top resume building sites in web are given below.

Top Resume Building websites



Some of the top resume building sites which help you in developing your resumes are given below. These are arranged in random order. You can select any site to get best information.

1. Resume Samples


Resume Samples is a good website which provides free resume samples in various education categories. You can find sample resume in every career and plan your resume accordingly. They also provide resume writing and cover letter tips.

Find the resume samples that may help you in building your resume online. Get info on resume services and job search.

2. VisualCV


Visual CV is another top resume building sites which allows you to create multiple online resumes easily, with a variety of different templates. You can directly import your LinkedIn profiles to jump-start resume creation, and easily incorporate multimedia elements in your portfolio.

Features of Visual CV
  • Build a web-based, engaging, dynamic, professional resumes online.
  • Include audios, videos, graphs, informational pop-ups, digital career porfolio and more, all on one webpage.
  • Create multiple dynamic resumes of your own for different purposes, each with its own URL.
  • Control who gets to see your resume and what he or she can see in your resume.
  • Manage your resumes from a Dashboard, update and edit them as you need.
  • Share URLs with prospective employers and colleagues in the email, on job discussion and also in your social profiles etc.,
  • Free to register to get started.

3. Emurse


Emurse is another popular resume building website where you can upload and create your own resume online. This site also allow you to create your resume in various sections, and choose a design from many pre-defined templates. The resumes are designed for various careers. You can create resume in various formats such as  DOC, PDF, RTF, etc.

4. Leadyou


Leadyou is another top resume building site that helps you to create an individual and professional introduction that enhances your skills and personality and allows you to easily share your resume with prospective employees.
Instead of a dull printed Resume, Leadyou help you to create a Designed Portfolio that allows you to showcase your CV and Resume easily in web. You can even add a Professional Portfolio with Cover Letters, Pictures, Writing Samples, Letters of Recommendations, Audio & Video files, and whichever file you want, to provide a more comprehensive profile of yourself and abilities.

5. How to write resume


This site is another top website that helps you to build an efficient resume without much effort. With their sophisticated phrase builder technology, that helps you build compelling headlines, qualifications, achievement statement and more, you can build a professional resume within hours. There is also option of “one-click formatting,” which automatically reformats your resume and makes it easy to choose the best layout that you have chosen.

You can even forward your resume which you have created online to your prospective employees. There are number of pre-defined templates that are available and you can change the font and margins depending upon your requirements.

There are many other resume developing sites which can help you in developing a professional resume for your career. Do share your comments if you found any other useful resume building website online.


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