Top Consultancies in India

Consultancies are very much important for getting into top companies. While majority of companies visit top universities and colleges for fresher recruitment, others depend on consultancies for getting specialized candidates for their companies. 60% of the experienced candidates hiring is through the consultancies while 20% is through employee referrals. There are many consultancies in India which hire people from different fields. This article covers Top Job consultancies in India.

Consultancies have been helping in the hiring process of companies. Given in this article are list of the Top Consultancies in India from Bangalore, Chennai, Gurgaon and other major cities. You can also look at a featured article Top 5 Job Consultancies in India

#1 Top Consultancies in Bangalore

Bangalore is not only the garden city of India but also IT hub of India. Top Software companies and Telecom companies that have been hiring millions of software engineers are in Bangalore. There are a good number of consultancies that have been helping Software companies in hiring process.

Especially there are experienced consultancies in India that have been hiring software engineers who are experienced for top Software companies. Given below is the link containing information about Top consultancies in Bangalore.

Top Consultancies in Bangalore

#2 Top Consultancies in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is another place where there is maximum chances of getting into top software companies. As all the major companies are available in Gurgaon, it is easy for your to get into these companies through consultancy services if you have good software and communication skills.

Given in the link below are Top consultancies in Gurgaon that have been hiring for majority of telecom companies and software companies

Top Consultancies in Gurgaon

#3 Top Consultancies in Pune

Pune has been one of the top and emerging places for software companies. There are hundreds of software companies that have been hiring people from Pune. While majority of freshers hiring in Pune is through campus placements, experienced candidates are hired through Consultancies and Top Job sites in India.

Software companies hiring through consultancies and jobs sites have been increased in chennai in recent years. There are some good consultancies in Pune, that have been supporting companies to hire experienced employees to these companies. Given below are the list of Top Consultancies in Pune.

Top Consultancies in Pune

Hope you found this article useful for getting information about consultancies in India. If you have a consultancy that is very handy, update by adding comments in this article


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