Top Article Writing Jobs sites in Internet

Article writing or content writing is one of the best way to earn money online from Internet. As discussed in previous articles, there are top article writing jobs sites in Internet that provide good money and share revenue for writing your articles and for content sharing.

If you don’t have investment and plans to start your own self hosted wordpress blog or website and want to earn money from your website, then you can opt for these top article writing jobs sites which provides revenue based on different options of content sharing. Some pay through number of page views for your articles and some pay through Adsense and other blog advertising sites.

Given below is the overview of these sites and how to earn money writing content for these websites.

Top Article Writing Jobs Sites in Internet

If you are an experienced writer doing freelancing in web or fresher who has just beginning to start writing in Internet, these top article writing jobs sites will help in earning good money from Internet. Some of the sites mentioned below allow only experienced writers, but for some sites are also for freshers who can start their career in article writing.

According to us, blog writing has also generated huge revenue if you are good in writing articles with keywords. You can contact us to get started with writing if you are fresher. However, there is always option of these sites to get your career started.

Article writing is one of the best work from home jobs and mostly used by freelancers, work from home mom’s as these sites pay good amount of revenue depending on your article popularity. Moreover, there is no investment required and people can earn money spending their free time writing articles in these sites.

How does these Top Article Writing Job Sites Pay

These top article writing jobs sites provide revenue based on three ways.

1. One way is to pay money directly based on articles. If your article has quality content that is needed for this websites, they pay per article.

2. Second way is to provide revenue for writers based on number of page views for their articles. This is one of the most common ways these content sharing websites earn money

3. Third way is by Sharing Revenue from the Ad networks such as Google Adsense, Kontera and Amazon ads when these are published.

Given below is the overview of these top article writing jobs sites and how these sites can be used to generate revenue from Internet.

#1 Squidoo and Hubpages

Top Article Writing Jobs Sites

Top Article Writing Jobs Sites



Squidoo was the number one article writing jobs site as per our feedback of various sites and its usage wrt to bloggers. In Squidoo, articles are called lenses. There are millions of writers for squidoo writing articles very often from all parts of the world. Squidoo has now been taken over by hubpages. All squidoo lenses are now integrated with hubpages account.

In hubpages, as you go on writing hubs, you increase your chances of earning money. Earning money from hubpages is easy but needs good amount of page views and discussions for your articles. You need to rate others articles, share your lenses in social media and generate traffic for your lenses. This increases your lenses visibility and increases lens ranking.

Squidoo Pays you by number of page views your lenses has got, ranking of your lenses and also by revenue generated by Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks and Amazon Ads. Their minimum payout is 5$ and they pay you monthly.

Hubpages along with Squidoo is free to join.Here is the quick link for joining:: Join Hubpages
#2 Bukisa

Article writing jobs from Bukisa

top article writing sites in Web

Bukisa has stopped sharing revenue with the writers. Still Bukisa website exists for new users, but only for gaining experience. If you are looking for experience, I suggest going for Ezine Articles rather than Bukisa.

#3 Shetoldme

shetoldme is one of the top writing sites in web today. This site shares 100% adsense revenue for the articles you write for their site. You can even submit your website for shetoldme and get huge traffic from shetoldme. As you need to show some articles and traffic for getting your adsense account approved, you can use shetoldme for your blog to generate huge traffic for your blog.
In shetoldme, you have chance to get good clients who can order articles directly for their websites. Writing in these type of sites increases your reputation and also help you to earn money.
Approval process of shetoldme is also very secured. James owner of shetoldme approves each account after thorough scrutiny of blogs that meet shetoldme guidelines.
Shetoldme is free to join. Joining link is given below

Join SheToldMe here

#4 Triond


Article writing jobs from Triond


Triond is another top article writing jobs sites that provides revenue for publishing your articles in other sites. They take your articles and publish them in sites which has relevant niches. Based on page views of your articles, they provide good revenue for your articles.

Triond is really a good site which pays well with less minimum payout. Also you can get relevant back links for your website if you post one or two back links of your website.

Triond is free to join.

Triond Joining Link: Join Triond Free

Article Writing Jobs from Associated Content

Top Article writing jobs sites

Associated Content is one of the top article writing jobs site that provides revenue based on pay-per-view basis. This site allows you to publish articles on every topic. So you can start writing on your favorite niche and there are advertisers ready to purchase your content. You can earn around 3 to 5$ from associated content and also earn good money as per pay per revenue basis.

Article writing jobs from Constant Content

Top Article writing sites

Constant content is another top article writing jobs provider. To register in Constant content, they ask for an article to be written and which is verified for grammar and style by constant content expert Authors. If they accept your work, you can have the chance to join constant content. You can write articles and place them for bid. Constant content is one good article writing sites which is used by people from all over the world.



Article writing jobs from eHow


Ehow is one top article writing site that pays good money for writing content. Generally ehow accepts how to and tutorials. However ehow pays only for people from US and so best article writing sites for US. Other countries people only get quality back links for their sites writing in eHow.



article writing jobs from Helium

Helium is another top article writing sites which new writers may be interested in. Helium pays money based on number of views by readers and also based on ratings. More are the number or ratings, more chances of earning money from Helium. They provide pre-approved titles or you can select your own titles. You can earn more money by selecting pre-approved titles because they are search engine optimized and helps in visibility of your articles.



Article writing jobs from xomba

Xomba is another good article writing sites that provides revenue based on your advertisements. More advertisements readers click, the more revenue you generate. Xomba share revenue with readers for 50-50 basis. So you can earn money for sharing articles with Xomba.



article writing jobs from redgage

Redgage is an interesting article writing site. They pay you money for posting blogs, articles and photos in their site. They place ads next to your articles and pay you if you reach minimum payout of 25$. Redgage also helps in getting quality back links for your website. You can import your blogger and wordpress blogs to redgage and get good number of page views.


If you have a tip that is insightful, helpful, and original, then daytipper is for you. Daytipper also offers cash prizes of $100, $75, and $50 to the top three tip authors with the most popular and useful tips in a given month. In addition, by becoming a Daytipper member, you’ll receive tips newsletter which delivers valuable insights into your inbox.

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