Top 10 Interview Tips for getting job

Facing Interview and getting job is the first step for every job seeker to acquire a job. There are hundreds of job and Interview Tips available in Internet and also provided by professional job institutions. After thorough research, we have gathered Top 10 Interview Tips that can be useful for every job seeker.

Top 10 Interview Tips for winning job

Here are the collection of Top 10 Interview tips for getting job from top companies.

Top 10 Interview Tips for Getting Job

Top 10 Interview Tips

How to face an interviewer

Interview means “conversation”, Interview must be like an informal conversation with an honorable and senior colleague. Don’t make yourself discomfort and feel tensed so try to converse in the way that you are speaking to a friend or someone who is superior to you with some sought of respect try to be free and answer accurately to the question this is one of the tip for being tension free during interview. During the interview your eye contact should be clear with a smile on your face. The answers to the questions should not be short as there is a chance of losing opportunities if you start answering one word answers so be careful while answering the questions.

Listening carefully to the interviewer makes half of your interview complete

“Listen loudly, Think fast and Speak with clarity….all with an honest sincere and pleasant smile” yes listening makes up 50% of communication skills. Listen carefully to the interviewer question, don’t interrupt in the middle and don’t assume answers in the middle of the question this may divert your attention and may answer incorrectly.

How to impress in Interviews

How to impress in Interviews

How to impress in Interviews

Carry a small book while going for an interview and try to note down the points about the company during the pre-placement talk that is before it conducts the interview and at some point in the interview if you can mention about the points of pre placement talk, it will be just excellent and it shows that you have a lot of interest in the organization. Another point is usually at the end of the interview Interviewer usually says “ Do you anything to ask?”, one good answer could be “ I wanted to know two, three points, but all my doubts have been clarified in the pre placement talk you’ve given. In fact, the Pre-placement talk you’ve given was very nice, lucid and informative. Thank you very much.” In this way you can impress the interviewer.

Know about the Company First

Learn about Companies before attending Interviews

Learn about Companies in Interviews

When you go for an interview it is better to refer the company website through internet or newspapers so that at least you should be able to tell 5 points regarding the Company this will fetch you some points during the interview if they ask “Tell us something about our company” or “what do you know about our company” So you should be ready to this sought of questions also.

Basics while going for Interview

What ever may be the field you belong to that is whether engineering, medicine, management etc., while going for interview you should be good at basics sometimes the interviewer asks some very basic questions to make you feel comfortable, like what is software engineering? What is the difference between c and C++? Etc. so you should be strong at basics while going for interview.

Be on time while attending Interviews

Time Management in Interviews

Time Management in Interviews

You should be on time for the interview. If you arrive a few minutes early, it saves you from stress and you’ll be much relaxed and work better.

Tell what you know and be honest

Honesty is the best policy. If you don’t know anything tell honestly that you don’t know and don’t try to pretend because bosses can forgive mistakes but if you lie, you’re gone. Tell nothing but the truth.

Smile is the index of your personality

Smile Important for Interviews

Smile Important for Interviews

Smile is the index of your personality from the moment you enter to the moment you leave, present yourself with a very pleasant smile and a cheerful face. At the same time, don’t put a fake, artificial smile. A smile must be an honest genuine bubbling expression. When a question is asked acknowledge it with words for example, if you are asked to introduce yourself, don’t straightway start giving the answer. Say first ‘Sure sir’ or ‘Yes sir’ and then start answering. It also speaks about your self-confidence. Be original, be bold and clear in expressing your thoughts.

Be ready for the interview at any moment

Companies can come at any moment and recruit students as per there requirement and don’t be in a belief that they will come at the end of third year of your education they may come at any moment and recruit for there future requirement so the three primary requirements for selection for any job are : Good listening and learning ability, good communication skills and consistency in academics. So be prepare at the present don’t wait for future so it all depends on how well you are learning things, strengthening your weak areas, the friends with which you are moving, the language you are speaking and above all the books you are reading and the TV programs you are watching.

Dressing gives you identity in Interviews

Dress for Interviews

Dress for Interviews

You are what you wear. Wear a good dress in which you feel comfortable. Wear well pressed dress. Dark color trousers and a light color full –sleeved shirt for boys and Avoid gray it gives a dull appearance, Avoid prints of any kind. White, blue, black and brown colors are all quite good. Avoid warm colors as they hyper active. Yellow and purple also should also be avoided. Go with a decent haircut. Go with clean teeth. Tie is not compulsory. Wear it only if you are comfortable buttons closed, collar kept properly, clean shaven or trimmed beard, No black-goggles. No bubble-gum, NO cell phone, etc. Don’t try to gain sympathy by exhibiting your poverty by wearing a poor dress. Finally, let your dress reflect professionalism. Dress for the job you want, not the one you’ve. Color of socks and pants must be same. Color of shoes, belt and strap of the wrist watch must be same, this gives you a meticulous appearance. Shoes must be clean and shiny. Women should wear shoes or footwear that do not generate sounds.

Women may dress in Indian or western formals. However, the dress selected should not be gaudy and dazzling. Hair should be neatly combed and pinned or tied preferably after a head bath. Women should avoid flashy jewelry, as it draws attention away from your resume and gives and impression that you attach importance to superficial details. Girls should go with things like earnings and sandals that do not make sounds. No flowers in hair, no tinkling anklets on feet.

Good formal attire shows that you are serious about the job, and that your approach is not casual. Wear a pleasant smile always. A smile only gives completeness to your attire.


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