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Telecom Jobs are available in plenty who have good knowledge about telecommunications. Given in this article are 5 Telecom Jobs Tips that can help you in getting through the Interviews in Top Telecom Job sites.

5 Efficient Telecom job tips

Telecom Jobs

Telecom Jobs are very easy if you have good knowledge about telecommunications and worked in GSM, GPRS, UMTS or LTE. In this article you can find some good information about Telecom Jobs.

Are you looking for a telecom job or getting yourself prepared for an interview in a telecom company. Then these 10 Strategies below are very important for getting you your telecom job.
You should be technically sound in these subjects to get yourself cleared in the telecom jobs interview.


Main Technical Knowledge every telecom job seeker should know is data communications. Every engineer or MCA graduate must have read Data communications and Technologies by Ferouzan. Read that book as most of the questions comes from this book.
Read all the layers, read about the modulations, mulitplexing, which layers is useful for what etc etc. It is said to brush up your communication knowledge before entering any interview for telecom jobs as freshers. If you are experienced, obviously you will be having some knowledge.
But if you ask me, I will always suggest to brush up before you go


Next Important Technical Aspect is operating systems. I heard 90 of 100 companies ask about how the Operating system works, threads, locks etc etc. Read OS thoroughly as it will get you 20% of the interview cleared


C and Datastructures are the key role for your interviews. If you are expert in these two, then you are done. Read all the latest interview questions, learn how to write algorithms, how to project code development ( No one ask you to write code, all ask you to give me a soln of how you are planning to write code for it).


C++ is also asked mainly by many telecom job companies as many drivers are written in C and C++. So it is always useful to have C++ knowledge.


Java is used by front end application developers. These are also telecom jobs but you are working on the applications such as blackberry application development, symbian application development. If you are into the companies which develop these, then Java is must for you

These are few interview tips which can really help you. You can also get training from Top Telecom Tutorial Websites in Web which can help you to get into top Telecom Companies.

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