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Web Hosting plays a major role in the success of any business that is selling its products online. Success of websites depends on hosting solutions as customers visit their website any time and so they need uptime 24*7. A good web hosting provides faster load time and provides flexibility for users to learn more about the content and quickly find the required information. There are some top hosting providers in Internet which provide different types of Web hosting solutions based on your business needs. So identify the best web hosting solutions for your needs and take appropriate hosting for your website or blog.

Different Types of Hosting

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There are different types of Web Hosting provided by Hosting service providers in Internet. some of the top classification in Web Hosting are given below:

Business Class Dedicated Server:

Business Class Dedicated Server is one of the highest levels of web hosting that provides great flexibility, reliability and bandwidth for your company. Dedicated server is a server which is provided solely to the customer. Dedicated server is often used for large business as clients use it for lease and doesn’t entertain others to use it. It is simple to get dedicated server hosting form top hosting providers in Internet. Request dedicated server for rent from the hosting provider and start getting dedicated server hosting for your website. The flexibility of dedicated hosting over Shared Hosting is that the organization has full control over the resources, data base, and choice of operating system, hardware and Applications. Generally Dedicated Server Hosting is provided by dedicated servers which are used in large companies as they need a Server that has 100% up time.
There are top Hosting Providers in Internet Specific to each country. For example you can get Malaysian Dedicated Server from top Hosting provider in Malaysia.

Virtual Private Server:

VPS or Virtual Private Server is another type of hosting which has rich significance and provided by top Hosting Providers in Internet. With VPS, user has full access to the server and can also install third party OS software. Virtual Private Server is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server. Virtual Private Server is generally used for users who need dedicated IP addresses, special SSH Connections, customer fire walls etc. Get your Virtual Private Server hosting today.

Shared Hosting:

This is for small websites which has little content. Generally these websites don’t need much of hosting requirements. So better solution for them is Shared Hosting from a hosting provider which is having 100% up time. Main criteria for small websites are to have cheaper hosting, maximum up time and faster page load time.


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