Google Technology for Link Exchange and Page Rank

Google is now the number one search engines used by people all over the world today. This article describes how Google determines rankings for any website or blog.

Google has started getting competition from Bing and Yahoo, but it has sustained as the number one Web search engine till now. So Google has optimized its algorithms and started indexing social media as it understood the importance of social media marketing. Google is majorly used in web for searching any products or web queries. So getting into top pages of Google helps in getting quality leads for business. This article provides a good blogging tip of getting into top pages of Google.

How is Search Engine Rankings Calculated?
Google and other search providers have developed well developed algorithms to determine the importance of a page in web. Generally this is determined by number of links each page has. Suppose if you have a blog or website which has good number of articles, it is not compulsory that your web rankings are good. There are lot of factors involved in getting better rankings.

Factors affecting Search Engine Rankings

Web Rankings for any website is governed by number of factors. One major factor that affects search engine rankings is link building. Generally web site page popularity depends on how that website is shared by different similar sites. This is called link exchange. Link Exchange with similar sites helps in improving search engine rankings. Major search engines like Google depend on the page significance, how it is shared with similar sites before determining page rank.

Google page rank is one factor that is determined by advertisers before thinking of advertising in any blog or website. Google bans websites that have copied and spammed content. So it is very difficult to get a good page rank if you are just copying content from other websites. Also if you don’t have relevant back links, your website or blog will have very less significance.

Simple Tips for Improving Google Page Rank
Google Page Rank is a deciding factor for getting better advertisement revenue, increasing leads for business online and for marketing online.

First point is to use top Link Exchange websites for your link exchange. There are some good sites which provide reciprocal link exchange. These reciprocal link exchanges help in getting relevant links for your website or blog.

Don’t just think of exchanging links with all sites. Identify sites which are similar to your site and offer a link exchange with those sites. This helps in a better rankings for your website and also getting targeted customers for your website or blog.