Getting Started With Blogging

Jobs for everyone started in an aim to provide the best work from home jobs and software jobs opportunities in Internet. In the beginning days, it was difficult to understand what actually to write which helps readers. We started with interview tips, jobs sites and as we went through we understood blogging tips are also necessary for people online. This article provides a basic introduction of blogging tips and what should be used as best blogging platform and which web hosting is considered as best for bloggers.

Which Web hosting suits your needs?

When this blog is started, it was started in blogger platform. As soon as I learnt about web hosting about different top web hosting providers who provide web hosting according to our needs such as wordpress hosting, mac web hosting, then we moved to self hosted wordpress. Today jobs for everyone provides some of the best work from home jobs tips and tips for freelancers to get good work with self hosted wordpress. There are few sites such as that provide you with free wordpress themes, web hosting related information. You can check out this site before selecting best web hosting and wordpress theme for your needs.

Now is the time to start my blogging experiences in this site. I call them as smart Blogging Tips which helps bloggers to earn good money from blog.

Some are really surprised whether bloggers earn money at all? Strictly speaking if you are new to blogging, you don’t even earn more in first few days of blogging. But as you gain experiences, learn some cool and smart blogging tips, you can get started with earning money from blogging. In simple terms bloggers are people who earn money through blogging jobs.

So lets talk what is all these blogging jobs are all about? First and most important for any blogger is to have a good platform for blogging. With my experiences, I also advice blogger to go for wordpress. Now wordpress means self hosted wordpress by taking a best web hosting. Don’t go for free wordpress sites.

Best Blogging Platform WordPress Vs. Blogger

I advice bloggers not to go for free blogging platform. If you are thinking of earning money with blog which I call blogging jobs, start your blog with one of the best blogging platforms which is wordpress.
If you don’t want to spend money for web hosting and looking only to redirect your blogger blog to your own custom domain, then go for blogger.
But with hundreds of experts in wordpress providing free wordpress themes and top web hosting providers in Internet, it is suggested only to go for wordpress if you are looking to earn money from your blogging jobs.
If you are using wordpress web hosting or any cheap web hosting, then read reviews is some top web hosting information providers such as already hosting. provides free web hosting reviews, rating, coupon codes, promo’s, and much more.
So get started with your blogging through some of the top blogger platforms and share your comments in the article.