Easy Tips to Crack IBPS Bank exam

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection IBPS  is going to conduct Common Written Test (CWE) for recruiting Probationary officers( Po’s) and management trainees  for 19 Banks in India , for Regional rural banks  and also Clerical examination.  It will be conducted for two times in a year and basing on the merit they will issue a score card who have been qualified in the Written examination and they will  call for further process of recruitment by the banks Individually which may consist of Group Discussion as well as Interview round. IBPS is one of the top bank exams to get in to Banking  Sector in India.

Likely, here are the simple tips to crack IBPS Bank Exam and  this will be helpful for your further preparation for your IBPS bank written examination.

" Easy Tips for IBPS bank written examination""IBPS "
Every candidate has his/her favorite areas in the examination which he/she mostly concentrates & neglect the other parts of the exam and this is the most common mistake done by the most of the Candidates in the bank exam. The tip here is in order to crack bank exam, you need to cover all the other sections of the examination also  as you need to qualify in each section and should be able to distribute your time equally to them as well.
  • Better to prepare Basic concepts of all areas  of the bank examination:    Mostly in the bank examinations they ask the basic concepts,  so it is better to prepare for the basic concepts of all the areas rather than covering some topics deeply.If you have sufficient time you can go deeply in to the topics.
  •  Please do observe time while practicing:      Most of the candidates struggle during the bank examination because they donot manage time successfully as they do not do while practicing. So it is better for you to observe time while you are preparing itself so that you can know how much time you are affording for each question in the examination . Time management in the bank exams is very important tip and simple tip for you to crack IBPS bank examination.
  • Is it necessary to do all the problems in the examination? :    Most of the aspirants of the bank examination think that they need to solve all the problems in the examination but this not true actually here my tip for you is work out on the problems which are easy and which you  can do fast . And please keep in mind that you should always think for solving most of the questions but not every question. This can be the success mantra for you to crack IBPS bank exam or any Competitive  examination.
  • You need to qualify in all the  five Categories in the IBPS bank examination:    Likely, you also need to keep in mind that you need to qualify in all the sections of the bank exam so you should first attempt minimum questions in order to qualify and then basing on time left  select your favorite Section which you can do fast,  by this you can surely get successful in your bank exam.
  • Sections than can be solved easily for a less time in the IBPS bank examination:    There are five sections in the IBPS bank written examination and in this General Awareness is the area which can be answered quickly and Computer knowledge is also the other scoring area which you can  allot less time and so by following above tip  already 100 questions  can be covered in 30 minutes. so still there is 2 hrs are left with you to solve 150 questions which you can easily do.
  • Categorization of time for the five sections in the IBPS bank examination:    There will be 150 minute time to solve 250 questions so if you want to be successful in the IBPS bank examination you need to schedule your time first. Here is the basic time which should be allotted by the candidate and it may vary from candidate to candidate but i am giving in order to provide an idea for categorization of time for each section :

Competitive Aptitude: 50 minute, Reasoning: 45 minute, English : 25 minute, General  Awareness: 15 minute and Computer Knowledge : 15 minute.  First it is better to start with General awareness second with Computer Knowledge then with English then Reasoning and last go Competitive Aptitude section.

  • Leave time taking question even though they are easy:    There will be some question in the bank examination which are easy to solve but will usually take more time to solve by this you may lose chance for answering more questions so my tip is to better leave such type of questions and if time is left then go for this type of questions.
  • Leave the tough questions  in the bank examination:    In each section of the bank examination there will be some questions which are time taking and also hard to solve so this may also result for you to have a chance of answering some question with in the given period of time. So my tip is better you leave this type of questions and go for further  questions which can be solve easily in a less time by you.
  • Please go through all the Answers in the Choices given:    Most of the candidates usually don’t go through all the answers given in the choices  and  tick the answer which first comes in there mind and this is the most common mistake done by most of them . Because for most of the questions the answers are given as choices which are mostly near to the Correct answer and there is a chance for marking wrong answer too.  Here is your tip that you should clearly verify your answer with the choice given and then tick the answer.
  • How to prepare for the Bank examination from home:   If you are an aspirant of the bank examination and if  you are interested to prepare by your self from home  then follow the above tips and then just bring ONE BOOK OF  SOLVED MODEL PAPERS BOOK which can be available in any book stores and also you can even purchase BANK EXAMINATION MODEL PAPERS BOOKS  ONLINE and also if you can afford you can even go for bank coaching postal material or online classes by bank coaching institutes. Practice every section given in the model papers then keep a time limit of 150 minutes and try to solve atleast one model paper daily and also prepare previous model papers of the bank examinations.  If you follow this you can surely crack the IBPS bank examination or any competitive examination.

So,  these are the following tips which can be useful for you in cracking the IBPS bank examination and this tips are mostly discussed by various bank coaching institutes  and hence if you follow this tips you can surely be successful in your IBPS bank Written Examination.


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  1. RIMAAugust 13, 2011
    sir if you have any link or pdf book which are free of cost. plz give me.
  2. DeepikaAugust 16, 2011
    these suggestions are good and very useful .can you say me what is the minimum number of questions to be answered out of 250 questions
    • jasmineAugust 22, 2011
      Hi deepika i think probably 160-170 questions to be answered correctly by considering all the sections to the minimum mark.
  3. ASTHAAugust 18, 2011
    thanks for the valuable suggestions
  4. krishna chaitanya reddyAugust 23, 2011
    thanks for valuable suggestions. these suggestions are very useful for bankjob aspirants .plz tell me what types of books i read i mean author names



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