Crack the Interview in Aricent Group

Aricent Group formerly called Aricent Technologies is one of the top Telecom Jobs provider in India. With branches in Gurgaon, Bangalore and chennai in Inida and also in Vietnam, USA and other top countries, Aricent Group has providing opportunities to get into top telecom technologies that are ruling the world. In this article, We cover some of the best information to Crack the Interviews in Aricent Group. This is completely my opinion and rest depends on your Career, Communication Skills and Technical Skills. So if you are looking for Telecom Jobs in Top Telecom companies like Aricent, read on..

Aricent Group general Interview Pattern


This interview I am talking about is an interview that is generally held during campus selections. Aricent Group visits some of the top colleges in India and also helds off campus selections frequently. So if you are looking to get into Aricent Group, this article will definitely help in getting ahead.

Qualification Criteria for Freshers in Aricent Group

Qualification Criteria of Aricent Group selection generally starts from 60% overall in all the academics. Some times if competition in the colleges, is high, this can increase to 70% as well. This round is like the First round of filtering. Second Round consists of Written Exam in various topics.

Written Exam in Aricent Group

Written Exam contains Arithmetic, Logical and English Rounds. One thing to note is that there is individual cut off for each round. So if you are looking to crack the Interview in Aricent Group, you should prepare well for the written examination which is the first step for getting into Top Telecom jobs provider.

After the written exam, there may be group discussion round or many not  be. Mostly these days, they are now including group discussion round just to know the communication skills of the students.

Technical Round in Aricent Group

Technical Round in Aricent Group is one of the crucial and most important round in the Interview process of Aricent Group. For Engineers from IT, Telecom and CSE, it is very easy if they go through their 4 years subjects before attending the technical round interview.

Main concentration on Technical Round in Aricent Group will be on C Language, Operating Systems, C++, Java, Unix and Data structures.

HR Round is just a final round. If you are able to get through the Technical Round Interview, 90% of your Interview is complete. Final HR round is about your salary Negotiation.

Watch our for any openings in Telecom Jobs and Software Jobs in Aricent Group in coming articles. Do share your comments on the article.


Veena N is HR professional and lifestyle blogger from India. She writes on Job Tips, Career Building Tips, Job sites information and information related to part time jobs in web.

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  1. mahanteshSeptember 10, 2011
    Hello Sir,
    I mahantesh magadum have completed and am looking for job in bangalore.
  2. RohitSeptember 13, 2011
    hello sir i want to do job in IT field-networking …please inform me.
  3. Shweta kumariSeptember 28, 2015
    I want to know that what is criteria of 10th ,12th and graduation in aricent group
    • indianbloggerApril 11, 2016
      Hey Shweta, When they take into consideration through placements, they check 70% through out. But it depends on where actually they are short listing



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