Career Opportunities from NIIT

NIIT is providing one of the best Career Opportunities in HRM. Intense competition and the changing demands of a diverse workforce has changed the landscape of Human Resource Management. HR professionals today, are expected to handle many more responsibilities and play an essential role in the company’s growth plans. In such a scenario, every HR professional needs to be equipped to handle the increasing demands of the market and workforce. This is where the Executive Program in Human Resource Management by IIM Lucknow can help.
The program focuses on the challenges faced by HR professionals in today’s economy and enables them to provide solutions relevant to the current environment. In addition, the program also equips HR professionals with the latest techniques in human resource

Unique Features of the program

Some of the unique features of the career opportunities program are given below:

  • Delivered in 4 months, allowing prolonged and smooth learning, and eventually leading to better retention of the gained knowledge
  • Focus on HR Challenges
  • Designed with a mix of experience sharing, real life case discussions and assignments besides the lectures in class


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