Answering Logic Questions during Interview Round

When a interviewee reaches the HR round ,he/she almost completed the 50% of the job requirement and now the next round will be HR round which is crucial and important for an interviewee to seek a job in their dream company. HR round is like an overall acid test or scanning test in which they show interest in taking employees who are dedicated, talented etc in simple words who are different from others like what ever it may be in thinking differently from others, having some extra talents etc. Hence facing HR round is critical for Job seeking candidates.

Logical Questions in HR round

Interview tipsSome of the logical questions which are frequently asked in the interviews in HR round are are :

1. Tell me about yourself ?

A) This is the most frequent question asked by the Interviewer  which is asked to know the candidate profile with in 2 minutes . In this case most of them confuse in deciding whether to include family background or not hence if they ask you about to tell about yourself then you have to tell your educational qualifications if you have any job experience you have to tell your awards and rewards taken in your job experience etc and if they want they will only ask to tell about your personal details  and then you can tell about your family background. Hence try to answer clearly first about yourself .

These are some of the best interview tips that can help you clear the hr round

2. What are your Long term goals?

A) The reason behind this question is to clarify that do the candidate have any clarity about the sector (Industrial, technical etc)he/she seeking for the job. So that they will determine and observe  the candidate ability by asking  which position he/she like to secure in the organization in the future. In this the candidate should tell the goals which can be achieved in real time. In this pattern the candidate must reach some abilities to reach particular goals.

3. What do you think of your position in the upcoming 4 or 5 years in our organization?

A) You can answer this question by saying that studying the courses which will help the job and trying to acquire  new abilities in the process of securing the job and making the job work easy. You can also tell that you are building your career in a systematic order which also includes the growth of the organization along with his/her own career.

4. Can you work in groups?

A) Usually most of them answer yes to this question and rarely few people say no to this question. So in order to prove your ability you should not end the answer  saying yes or no to this question you should also include explaining some situations in your life which showed your leadership qualities in completing the work in time this adds a plus point to your ability. While answering in this manner you should also be prepare for an other question from the interviewer may be asking some more questions like how do you tackle some critical situation in our organization etc.. so you should be ready for this type of questions also.

5. Why are you interested to join our organization?

A) Usually this question is asked to know the candidate interest towards there organization , to know what are the situations or information observed by the candidate which made him/ her to join there organization etc. This also includes to know the candidates ability regarding the products, what is the view of the candidate  about the brand value of the organization in the market so you should explain about this while answering this question. You should also explain why the organization is different from the other organization in the same industry.

6. What are your strengths and weakness?

A) This question is generally faced by every candidate. So your answer should support your job abilities. Suppose you are applying for an accountant job in an organization then you should tell that you like the subject Maths and you have good talent in solving maths logically. If you are applying for a marketing executive job then you can tell that you can easily mingle or communicate and convince the people easily while you speak hence this you can say  this as your strength . Now your weakness you should answer about weakness in such a manner in which your weakness  should not become burden to the organization and also you should tell what are the steps you are taking to overcome your weakness. Hence your answer should not give any chance of questioning you again.

7. Why did you left the previous job?

A) While answering this question you should not tell about the negative aspects about the previous organization. If you tell that there are conflicts with the employees or your salary is not increasing this type of answers makes the interviewer think that you are not fit for the job in there organization because you may face the same situation there also hence you should answer that to build your career more effectively you have choose this organization as best.

8. Do you like question or ask anything?

A) This question is asked almost while ending the interview by the interviewer and in this you should not ask about the salaries or holidays in the organization. You can ask about the goals, responsibilities, objectives of the organization. This shows your interest towards the organization.

So, go well prepared for this questions while facing an interview. So , be cool while answering this questions and All the best for your interview.


Veena N is HR professional and lifestyle blogger from India. She writes on Job Tips, Career Building Tips, Job sites information and information related to part time jobs in web.

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