5 Qualities of well designed blog

There are millions of blogs and websites in Internet which provide wide range of information. But there are only a few websites that have all the qualities a perfect blog should have. A well designed blog should have a well designed theme, should be hosted with a good web hosting provider, should have quality content, should influence readers to visit again and also should be useful and very informative for readers.

Good design

First and foremost thing that is needed for any blog is design. If your blog is hosted in major blogging platforms such as wordpress or blogger, there are hundreds of themes available in Internet. There are many other blog platforms such as tumblr, typepad for which you can get well designed themes. Theme plays a major role in attracting readers.

Blogging Tip
: There are hundreds of themes available in web for various niches. Select the best theme that suits your blog content and use some good blogging tools to improve search engine rankings.

Should have good web hosting

Most of the blogs out of top 100 blogs recognized by technorati are self hosted blogs. These blogs are hosted with some of the top hosting providers which help them to get better search engine rankings.

Blogging Tip:

Selecting a good hosting is very difficult if you are a beginner. Learn about the Web Hosting Perfect-match from websites like which is leading the web hosting review industry. This site provides quality web hosting reviews, ratings, coupon codes for top hosting, hosting related articles etc.

Quality Content

While the first two bring you a well designed website, quality content brings you more readers to your blog. Content is the key for any website and developing quality content will bring new readers for your blog. If you have blog driven website, then you can earn good money writing quality content for your blog.

Blogging Tip:

Many blogs doesn’t have good search engine rankings because they don’t have quality content. If you have good content, then you will have good search engine rankings and you are in top pages of search engines. This means more traffic from search engines and more traffic for your business.

Should influence readers

The best thing to write in your blog is your expert opinions and information which is useful for readers. You can get recognized online showing your expertise in your niche. As you write, people know more about your expertise and this will influence readers to subscribe to your blog and visit your website when a new article is posted.

Make it informative

Write content which is useful for readers. Don’t write stuff that is useless and not at all useful for readers. Now search engine bots are clever enough to index quality content and give rankings based on content. Content is also now key for the success of your blog.


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