“Why did you left your previous job or company?”Answer

Most of the employees feel difficulty in answering questions like “why did you left your previous job” or “why did you left your previous company” etc., and here i am providing a few tips to overcome this question in the interview and impress the recruiter

First of all  before reading this you need to know yourself why you have left your previous job and then please follow the below tips to what to say and what not to say as reasons:

Reasons for leaving which you should not reveal:

If you are not happy with your previous company regarding the issues like you don’t like your boss, targets, employees in the organization , colleagues, etc., then please don’t say this to the recruiter it creates a bad impression.

tips for interview question why you have left your previous job or company

Reasons for leaving which you can reveal:

But if your reasons for leaving the organization are that you are looking for new challenges, you want to upgrade your career by joining their company, if that company is your dream like if it is CISCO, Google, Infosys , Microsoft etc., then you can say for sure as reason in my opinion .

Other reasons which you can tell are:

1. Even though you are happy with your previous company you can tell that you are looking for new challenges and opportunities and hence want to join their company and utilize the skills and experience which you have acquired from your previous job.

2. If you are good at a particular subject on which the new company which you have applied  is working on then it will be a good reason and creates a good impression.

3. Your can tell a reason , though you want to join their company as their are no vacancies you have joined other company and when you come to know about the vacancies  you came for the interview.

Lastly, you can say that due to some personal reasons you have left the previous job and hence as you are thinking of a new change you have chosen their company as best to explore your strengths and should also create confidence to recruiter that you will work hard to reach the goals and objectives of the organization and will not leave the organization in the middle.

That’s it , you will easily overcome this question but one thing should be remembered you should always give positive answers towards your previous organization which creates a good impression by the recruiter. I hope that this tips will help you in increasing your career opportunities and help in getting you a job in your new company.

Veena N

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