Many students has a dream of pursuing their course in top universities but most of them face the problem while giving the Visa interview. So , for them below are the top 10 tips which they need to prepare before they give interview:

Top 10 Tips for VISA Interview:

1.First impression is the best impression: Soon after you enter the room don’t forget to wish the officer with a smile on your face. Keep all your documents in ordered manner .

2. Wear the clothes which you are comfortable with

Tips for Visa interview

3. Communicate with confidence  : Communication plays a vital role  in Visa interview , so please be clear and confident while conversing with the officer.


 4. Questions related to University and course you have applied for : Most common question which every candidate face in Interview was “why this particular University”? so be ready with your answer like what made you select this university whether the course curriculum or professors or university etc.,

  • How many Universities did you applied? How many of you got selected and rejected?
  •  Have you been to the US before and do you have any of your family and friends in US?
  • Do you know any professor at that University and how do you know and their details?
  • What are your educational qualifications and where did you studied and about your family?
  • Why did you select that particular University and how is it useful to your career and also they might ask you why can’t you pursue the same course in your own country?
  •  why do you want to pursue this course in that particular country say for example USA why not in UK/Cannada ?
  • Who is your current employer, designation, experience and the reason behind to continue your education?

5. Questions related to your test scores, course : Be confident while answering questions related regarding your educational qualifications, job experience etc., If you have scored less GPA or marks in other exams and have any backlog then answer honestly to the officer and show your confidence how you want to manage them by explaining about your future plans. If you are changing your specialization , you need to tell the reason for it .

  •  What will be your major in the course you have taken?
  •  what are your test scores (GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS)? and your previous GPA?
  •  What do you know about the schools in US ?
  •  About their culture how different is from your own country?

6. What are your future plans after completion of the Course?

Here you need to make the officer believe that you would like return back to your country and explain your future plans that you want pursue after completion of the course.

7. How do you manage your expenses for pursuing the course?

You should have a clarity how much it cost for you to complete the course and  you need to explain the same to  officer regarding how you like to support your expenses to complete the course from various sources of income.

  •  you need to carry the loan sanction letter of your bank
  • If you are showing the family income and savings , you better take the transactions of bank pass book of last six months.
  • If you hold any property explain the value of the property and how you can manage the expenses for your education.

8. Take mock Interviews

You may join any institute which conducts mock interviews by experts  or else you may ask your friends and relatives who already given any visa interview which helps in building your confidence.

If the officer is not satisfied with your answers don’t argue and ask him  reasons for the rejection of Visa so that you can rectify them.

10. Stay cool and calm till the end

Until you hear “your visa has been approved” from the officer, maintain the same posture of smile, confidence and coolness.

so, above are the tips for your visa interview and hope it helped you , if you like the post please feel free to comment , share and subscribe to our website. Wishes you all the Best .


Veena N is HR professional and lifestyle blogger from India. She writes on Job Tips, Career Building Tips, Job sites information and information related to part time jobs in web.



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