Job Interview Tips To Crack Your First Interview

Usually students get tensed on their first interview. This article is a must read for freshers who are ready to get into world of jobs when they look forward for their first interview.

Many students even though having good academic knowledge , percentages etc., fail in their first interview. Some students who don’t have good percentages get jobs in Top multinational companies as they give their best in the interviews. Best Interview tips one should follow are given below.

Don’t think much about the interview  and just think that you are talking to your senior or an elder in a formal way. It is one of the best thing that can help you to be successful in your interview.


Interview Tips to crack your Interview


A few tips on how to get ready for your interview.

Design your own Resume:


Design your resume yourself and make sure you have complete knowledge in it. Don’t copy itfrom your seniors or friends as recruiters generally observe resume and asks questions from it.

Design your resume yourself. Once done get it reviewed by professional resume writers. Each and every line should speak about yourself which should be 100% true. Read some good articles on resume building tips like Font for your resume




Company Knowledge in Interview:


You need to know regarding the company you are working for and should know latest developments of the company if any. This information can be gathered from the company’s website , news papers, from your friends, relatives , employees of the company who are already working. Usually in an interview the recruiter may ask you do you know “what your role is?” so you need to be ready to answer to that particular question and gather information regarding it.




Dressing Tips:

interview-tipsWhile you are going for an interview, you need to maintain basic dressing sense like wearing formals, neatly pressed, hand kerchief, shoes polished. If needed, you can wear tie and blazer too. For women, wear a cotton dress or a saree if  you are comfortable which is of a light color.  The clothes you are wearing should be comfortable for you and should create good impression for the recruiter. Basically , light colors are advised to wear in interviews .





Your file and Certificates:

interview-tips-fileIf you are carrying a file , then you need to check before day itself all documents. Check if you are ready with all the certificates and photocopies of all your Educational qualifications. You also need to keep  5-6 photographs if needed can be provided. If you are taking only a resume with you, then you better put in a white or brown color neat envelope. A neat envelope would create a good impression with the recruiter.




Communication and Eye contact:

eyecontact-interview-tipsAfter entering into the interview room, please wish all the interviewers with a smile and take your seat only when they are asked to. Most probably in order to make you comfortable with the interview, the most common question will be “Tell about yourself” or “How are you feeling” etc., will be asked. So prepare well and just answer clearly with a good eye contact with all the interviewers.






Now your Resume Speaks:

Be confident on questions asked from your resume. For example questions like what are your hobbies? should be answered well. If you say reading books, what type of books you read, who is your favorite author etc., will be asked. Other questions like what type of sports you like indoor or outdoor? what are your favorite subjects?. Questions will be asked about your subject and so you should be ready for it.

Prepare for the Frequently asked Interview Questions

Be prepared for the frequently asked interview questions. If you have changed the stream during your graduation or post graduation, be prepared for those questions. You might questions on why you have changed your stream. Last but not least questions like

“what do you know about our company”

  •  “why do you like to join our company”?
  • “where do you see yourself in five years down the lane”
  •  “what are your goals in your life”
  • ”how much pay package you are expecting “

If you are prepared with this questions, you will be one step ahead in bagging your dream job. If you don’t know answer for any question, say that you don’t know and please don’t try to pretend that you know the answer as it will be waste of time.

Last step of the interview:

While you are leaving if you dragged the chair, please put it in the right position with out making any sound and wish the interview panel by saying “thank you” or “nice meeting you” etc., and take leave from them.That’s it, you will surely crack your first interview.

Interview is all about your self confidence , preparation and etiquette you follow. Even though you fail in your first interview, just review what mistakes you have done by discussing with your friends and relatives and go for an other interview with self confidence and by not doing the mistakes again. Jobsforeveryone wishes you all the best and if you like the post please share with your friends too.

Hope you loved these first job interview tips. Read more articles on Interview tips and Career building tips in JobsForEveryone.

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