How to get promoted in a company

Getting a dream job in a company is not an end to one’s career . One need to upgrade their career graph by getting promoted into various positions in the company their by reaching a good position which results in increase of job satisfaction and self confidence. So, now the question arises “how to get promoted?” In this competitive world it is not so easy to get promoted in the pool of employees for which  you need to be different from others like accepting new challenges, interest in learning new concepts and subjects, appreciating and getting appreciated by others, managing time and work, able to work and reach targets of both individual and group, motivation others etc., this all make you different in the organization. So , here are a few tips which helps you in getting promotion in your organization:

tips to get promotion in your company

First know the performance appraisal ladder in your organization:

One need to know about the promotion tenures in your organization, skills and qualification required for the promotion, observe your seniors who are promoted and ask their advice .Hence , for all these you need to know the promotion ladder in your organization.

secondly, reach your targets and goals in your organization before the time :

You need to reach your goals before the stipulated time and should report your higher official which creates a good impression and you should never skip your responsibilities and maintain a diary of your responsibilities and work.

Third, prepare yourself and maintain good relation as an individual and in team:

You should be able to work in a group as well as an individual and should show best results in both the cases . You need to maintain a good work culture like respecting others, encouraging and appreciating, helping etc., . Don’t encourage unnecessary arguments, rumors, wasting time etc.,

Fourth, be ready to take additional responsibilities and identify the things which makes you get promotion

You should always ready to accept the additional responsibilities if you are asked to and complete the work as faster as you can and if you are not able to complete the work try to take advice from the seniors so that they may help you .

Fifth, you need to separate social life and work life:

Their may be situations where you need to provide more time for your work rather than your social life. So , you need to manage both  by explaining about your goals and objectives by which you will acquire support from your family and friends and their by you can work with full concentration.

Sixth, you need to motivate, encourage and help others to reach their goals:

Yes, in order to maintain a good relation with other employees you need to support and motivate them when they are needed and this will prove you as a leader.

seventh, always be ready to learn:

Learning should be your daily routine. you should always be ready to learn new things and upgrading your knowledge with the changing environment. This also helps you to identify  your adaptability by the higher officials.

Eighth, report to your higher official:

You need to maintain a report of all your work assignments and need to submit the report when your senior is asked to.

Hence, these are the various tips which helps you in getting promotion and falling in the eyes of your higher officials of the company. I hope this article helped you in upgrading your career in your organization.

Veena N

Veena N is HR professional and lifestyle blogger from India. She writes on Job Tips, Career Building Tips, Job sites information and information related to part time jobs in web.



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