Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting

Blogging has now become the hobby for most of the people online. Dairy Writing used to be hobby for most of the people in olden days when there was very less source in web. Now there are few good blog platforms that provide with free blogs. Many people now prefer their own self hosted website for their blogs as now web hosting has become cheaper and domains are available as per their required names. Also blogging has become one of the resource and work from home jobs in Internet.

Top Cheap Web Hosting providers in Internet

Many who are new to blogging don’t know the meaning of Web Hosting. As fresher when Bloggers start blogging, they start with free blog platforms.But as they start using free blogs of blogger and wordpress, I had the experience to have my own websites for blogging. Because you have the flexibility to promote all the products you like, advertise information about your favorite bloggers and also share your expertise in web. Now website maintenance is not costly because of Top Cheap Web Hosting providers in Internet like fatcow which provide high quality services.

Free Vs. Paid Web Hosting for your blog

If you browse through the web for fatcow review and how they provide web hosting services, you can get to know that fatcow is one of the Top cheap web hosting providers in Internet. Not only cheap, they provide the latest blogging tools and also provide reliable services so that your business or blog online don’t lose valuable customers. If you are using free hosting, you might not know whether your blog will be available all time and when they may close their free blogging service. With your own blog, you have the flexibility of using your blog and renewing it on time

Another advantage of having your own web hosting is control over the design and advertising in your blog. If you start writing on an interesting niche, there are hundreds of advertisers ready to advertise their products in your blog. This increases revenue for you as well as having your passion fulfilled.

Now blogging have become one of the best work from home jobs in Web. Start using top web hosting providers and develop a professional blog of your own.


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