Resume Building Tips Font for your Resume

Resume is playing a vital role in filtering candidates. It doesn’t matter whether you apply for a MNC company for an interview, or applying for a Foreign University as your resume plays a key role in getting a impression. This article covers some of the best resume building tips online.

One must be careful while preparing  resume as “Resume speaks in your absence” so whatever you put in resume it should show you. So today we are going to discuss a few resume building tips on choosing a suitable font for your resume

Resume Building Tips for Job search


A font  must be selected in such a way that it helps others to go through your resume clearly,easily and quickly. Among the various fonts “Times New Roman” is the most common font which is used by most people while preparing Resume. But we do have some other fonts as well which will help  you to stand behind from others . They are like:


Now a days “Times New Roman” is  replaced with “Helvetica” as this font is eye catchy and can easily go through the data in less time, hence most of them are using this font. Some research says that people who use this font are found to be loyal towards there work. So, what you are waiting for try this font.

helevitica font for resume


This font is mostly used by the experienced employees, whose resume generally will be 2-3 pages with their job experiences , Technical abilities, projects etc., hence for them Garamond font is most suitable as the recruiter should feel easy to go through resume without any strain and also this font helps in highlighting key points. Even fresher's can use this font in presenting their resume in single page. 

garamond font for resume


This font is developed by Adobe Group and is most popular among fresher’s as they try to present their resume with their technical skills , projects they undertaken etc., and try to impress the recruiter. 

source sans pro font for resume


Experts says that one can use Trebuchet MS font to make your resume and it makes you stand behind for its unique style.

trebuchet font for resume


Now due to technology, many of us are submitting resumes through online to various companies and for them resume with Calibri font is the best option as it is clearly visible on screens and expert resume writers suggest Calibri font for writing resume.

calibri font for resume

So, apart from this there are some other traditional fonts like Verdana, Georgia,Serif, Bookman old style are some other fonts which can be used it in making a resume. So try to follow various tips while preparing your resume . Now you can even hire an expert resume writers in preparing your  resume  if you find any difficulty or can take their suggestions, so that you can meet your dream job or do a course in your preferred foreign university.

Once you are done with your fonts, submit your resume to Top Job sites in India and Top Job consultancies in India