5 Easy Tips To Speak English

Speaking in English is the most common communication now a days. If you are working for an Multi National Company or a small company  or want to get a job in good company then you need to be fluent in English.  Most of them though they understand English they are not able to speak fluently for them here are the five easy tips to speak and increase their confidence:

five tips to speak English

Communicate with your friends and Family in English: This really works when you speak with them always try to use English language by which you can learn new words as well as you can lose the habit of searching of words when you speak and can also make a habit of making sentences easily.

Read news paper and watch English channels: This helps you in watching how people speak ,new words,  their pronunciation , making of lines etc., and the same will help you with reading English news papers or magazines. I will give you one tip  try to read  your favorite column in English paper column like sports, Film news, Business etc., then you can slowly can go with the whole paper.

Go for  English speaking course: You can also take a course in English where a tutor can help you in speak English and build your confidence. Now you can find many online English courses given by experts through Internet so you can make use of it as well and learn by sitting at your own place. One can even purchase English online learning CD’s available online as well as in the various bookstores.

Daily learn five new words and use it: Take a pocket Dictionary, by the end of the day try to learn atleast five words a day and use it in your daily work by which you will remember them easily .

Think in English and recall people who spoke to you in good English: Yes , it really gives you good result try to think and talk yourself in English about your daily routines etc., and try to recall the people who spoke to you in good English and try to remember the way they speak so that you can use it.

However, these are a few tips to help you in speak in English but what ever the language you want to learn or speak you need to be confident that is the thing needed to speak fluently. So wish you all the best.

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